Civil Defence Revolutionary Museum Opens

The Civil Defence Revolutionary Museum opened to the public in the run-up to the Day of the Sun (birth anniversary of President Kim Il Sung), the greatest national holiday.

The museum comprehensively deals with the revolutionary history of the peerlessly great men who provided and glorified the sacred history and tradition of building the Juche-based paramilitary forces, and with the militant course traversed by the forces.

Its opening ceremony took place on April 13.

It was attended by Ri Pyong Chol, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, vice-chairman of the Party Central Military Commission and secretary of the Party Central Committee, O Il Jong and Kang Sun Nam, department directors of the Party Central Committee, officials in the civilian defence sector, commanding officers and members of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards in the capital city of Pyongyang, officials of the units and shock brigade members involved in the construction, and employees of the museum.

Prior to the ceremony, the participants made a deep bow to the smiling portraits of the great leaders
Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in the general review hall of the museum after laying a flower basket in the name of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards.

Ri Pyong Chol delivered an opening address. 

After the ceremony, the participants looked round the museum.

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