Natural Monument—Japanese Zelkova at Songgyungwan

A zelkova tree stands in the yard of Songgyungwan University (the highest educational institution in the period of Koryo dynasty), which is located in Songgyungwan-dong, Kaesong City.

The zelkova, known to be planted in around 1490, is a tall, broadleaf tree which belongs to the elm family.

It is 30 metres tall. Its root collar and chest are 8 metres and 5.5 metres round each and its crown, 22 metres wide.

As an androgynous plant, the tree comes into bloom in its leaf axils between April and May and its fruit ripens in October.

The tree, which has been preserved historically along with Songgyungwan University, is under conservation as a natural monument as it is of academic significance and adds more beauty to its surrounding scenery.

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