National Photo Exhibition Opens

A national photo exhibition “Undying Imprints of Devoted Service for the People’s Wellbeing” opened to celebrate the 9th anniversary of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un’s assumption of the top posts of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the state.

Displayed in the exhibition hall are photos dealing with the immortal exploits of Kim Jong Un who has further strengthened and developed the WPK into the ever-victorious guiding force by dint of his outstanding ideas and energetic leadership and is demonstrating to the full the invincibility and might of the Korean-style socialism.

Also on display are photos depicting the brave spirit and viable appearance of the Korean people who have turned out in the advance for bringing about a radical turn in socialist construction, rallied closely behind the Party, and the proud development of the country.

The opening ceremony took place at the People’s Palace of Culture on April 11.

It was attended by Ri Tu Song, department director of the WPK Central Committee, officials concerned and working people in the capital city of Pyongyang.

Sung Jong Gyu, minister of Culture, delivered an opening address.

After the ceremony, the participants looked round the exhibition hall.

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