Benefits Enjoyed by the Korean People

The DPRK, where the people are masters of everything and everything serves them, enforces policies conducive to promoting its people’s health and well-being.

The people enjoy state benefits since their birth. The maternity hospitals in the capital city and each province are provided with all conditions for delivery and the health of nursing mothers. Special attention is paid to the pregnant women who are diagnosed as having triplets and quadruplets; airplanes are dispatched to the hard-of-access mountain villages and far-flung islands so as to carry these women there to maternity hospitals, and competent medical teams are organized to take relevant measures for them.

For the promotion of people’s life and health, the country directs primary effort to preventive medicine, conducting medical scientific research and producing medicines and medical supplies. The district doctor system is put in force in overall regions, from cities to rural villages. What is noteworthy is that all types of medical treatment including checkup, experimental test and surgery are free of charge, and applied to all the people across the country. Thanks to the universal free medical care system, the Korean people have no worries about the treatment of diseases.

They are also enjoying the benefits of the compulsory free education system.

The DPRK, which enforced universal 11-year compulsory education in Juche 61 (1972), put in force universal 12-year compulsory education system–one-year preschool education, 5-year primary school education, 3-year junior and senior middle school education–in Juche 106 (2017). All the children and young people between the age of 5 and 17 are obliged to receive free education.

The education systems in the country consist of regular education system, genius education system and study-while-you-work system. Being enrolled in these systems, all the Koreans are learning to their heart’s content.

The working people choose their jobs according to their hopes and aptitudes, and are provided with stabilized jobs and working conditions by the state. Rest at sanatoria and holiday camps, paid leave and maternity leave are also enforced to provide the working people with full conditions for a good rest.

Those who lost their working abilities lead a stabilized life and restore their health, enjoying benefits from the social insurance system and premium system for the honoured disabled ex-soldiers.

The country is overflowing with a social climate of respecting and giving prominence to war veterans and the elderly. Over 90-year-olds are registered on a nationwide scale and they have medical checkup on a regular basis.

The Korean people, receiving the state benefits, are enjoying a worthwhile life and working to their utmost for the prosperity of their country.

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