For Firmly Defending the Destiny of the Country

The mid-1990s were hard times for the DPRK.

President Kim Il Sung suddenly passed away in July 1994. Taking underhand advantage of this, the forces hostile to the country buckled down to isolate and stifle it, clamouring about its “collapse.”

When the destiny of the country and nation was at stake, Chairman Kim Jong Il determined to further strengthen the Korean People’s Army and advance the revolution by force of arms. His inspection of the Dwarf-Pine Company of the KPA on January 1, Juche 84 (1995) was an expression of this determination.

Since then, he made ceaseless inspection tours of KPA units, even those on the frontline and far-flung islet posts. In this long journey, he developed the KPA service personnel into a-match-for-a-hundred combatants who were firmly prepared politically and ideologically, militarily and technologically.

He established a new state administration structure with the National Defence Commission as its pivot and put forward a new line of economic construction of developing the defence industry on a priority basis while boosting light industry and agriculture simultaneously. As a result, the country’s defence industry has developed into the Juche-oriented one capable of manufacturing any weapons and combat equipment, and the KPA has grown up into elite revolutionary armed forces possessed of powerful nuclear deterrent.

He ensured that the KPA fully discharged its role as the main force of the revolution not only in national defence but also in socialist construction. The soldier spirit created by the KPA service personnel spread across the country, bringing about a great upswing for leap forward and innovation.

Monumental structures mushroomed in different parts of the country and gigantic nature transformation projects were carried out to remarkably change the appearance of the country. Proactive efforts were made to put the national economy on a modern footing through rapid development of science and technology, with the result that solid foundations for increased production were laid and remarkable successes were achieved in improving the people’s living standards.

Thanks to Kim Jong Il’s devoted efforts, the destiny of the country was staunchly safeguarded and lasting foundations for building a prosperous nation were laid.

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