Structures Named after “People”

“The people are my God” was the consistent view and motto of President Kim Il Sung.

The structures built in the country, which are named after “people”, are associated with his noble outlook on the people.

While going round the construction site of Chollima Street in June Juche 59 (1970), he proposed building a base for the people’s cultural and leisure activities on the bank of the Pothong River. Later, he solved problems arising in its designing and construction and named it “People’s Palace of Culture.”

Namsan Hill in the centre of Pyongyang, which had been known as an excellent place from olden times, remained vacant for more than 20 years after the Fatherland Liberation War (1950-1953). Architects planned to build an important project there. But the President had a plan of building a large-scale library for the people, named it “Grand People’s Study House” in the sense that it is a place where workers, farmers, intellectuals and other people from all walks of life study, and saw to it that it was built into a Korean-style building in reflection of the people’s demand and aspiration.

A large number of structures built in different parts of the country named after “people” tell the history of his loving care and devotion for the people.

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