Quercus robur “Pukchong-1”

These days, Quercus robur “Pukchong-1” of high economic value is widely cultivated in the country.

The wild fruit breeding research team of the forest breeding science institute under the Academy of Forestry has bred “Pukchong-1” which produces extra-large fruits and high yields in the course of acclimatizing the tree.

The new species of oak grows slowly until it is three years old. Then, it flourishes very quickly and starts to bear a lot of fruits after 15 years.

It can be spread in such a way of seed planting and grafting. When it is grafted from late April to early May, it can increase its survival rate.

The fruit can be used in the production of sweet jelly, soybean paste and other food, as well as feed for domestic animals.

As the tree is very hard with beautiful pattern, its lumber is used in making plywood and furniture and its bark, nutshell and leaves as materials for producing tannin.

The tree has been registered as a national species.

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