Overall Survey of Waterbirds Conducted

Researchers of the Biodiversity Institute under the State Academy of Sciences conducted field surveys of major wetlands in the country in February Juche 110 (2021) and made a comprehensive appraisal of water bird resources.

They have conducted the survey of ponds for the water birds’ wintering according to the Asian Waterbird Census since Juche 108 (2019).

They increased the number of areas for survey from 31 last year to over 60 this year and conducted simultaneous surveys of them, including Yanghwa, Samho, Kyongpho and Ragwon bays.

During the period, they observed 160 thousand water birds of about 60 species, as well as such globally-endangered species as stork, Manchurian crane, hooded crane, Aythya ferina, old-squaw, saunder’s gull, swan goose, etc.

In particular, they photographed two mute swans wearing rings No: J61, J64 at Hapho, the Kumya Migratory Bird Reserve in South Hamgyong Province, and observed a mute swan wearing a blue ring No: 2707 at Lake Tongjong, the migratory bird reserve in Kangwon Province.

They also discovered over 5 000 waterbirds each at Kumsong Tideland, September 18 Reservoir and the middle reaches of the Taedong River and, in particular, over 76 thousand waterbirds at the lake of the West Sea Barrage in the Taedong estuary.

At present, they are promoting the survey of major migratory bird reserves during the spring migration period (from March to April), including the Mundok, Sindo, Kumya migratory bird (wetland) reserves.

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