Legal Guarantee for Working Life

The Socialist Labour Law of the DPRK stipulates that all working people in the DPRK shall take part in work on a voluntary basis with their rights to work and according to their abilities and that they are provided with stabilized job and working conditions by the state.

The independent and creative working life of the Korean people is reflected in the system of the labour laws.

The Labour Law for the Workers and Office Employees in North Korea was promulgated by the decision of the Provisional People’s Committee of North Korea on June 24, Juche 35 (1946).

The law, which consists of 26 articles, stipulates in an all-round way the democratic freedom and rights to labour and rest, including an eight-hour workday, equal wages for workers who do equal work, paid leave and social insurance.

The enactment of the democratic law freed white- and blue-collar workers from the past harsh colonial forced labour and brought about a fundamental change in their work and life and an eye-opening progress in the building of a new Korea.

The democratic freedom and rights of the people were consolidated in a comprehensive way by the Constitution of the DPRK adopted in September Juche 37 (1948).

The DPRK Socialist Constitution adopted at the First Session of the Fifth Supreme People’s Assembly held in December Juche 61 (1972) made clear that the state shall substantially provide all the citizens with happy material and cultured life and that their freedom and rights shall be further expanded along with the consolidation and development of the socialist system.

The DPRK adopted in April Juche 67 (1978) the Socialist Labour Law to fix by means of law the achievements made in the course of implementing the labour law and policies on labour of the government and to provide independent and creative working life to the working people.

It also enacted the law on work norms (December 2009) and the law on labour protection (July 2010) as individual laws by further specifying the Socialist Labour Law. By so doing, it made it possible to correctly remunerate work according to its quality and amount, provide the working people with safer and more hygienic working conditions, and protect and promote their life and health.

Under the collectivist slogan “One for all and all for one!” the Korean working people are now sincerely working for national prosperity and people’s well-being, helping and leading one another forward and fully displaying voluntary enthusiasm and creative initiative.

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