Nothing to Discard

The Mangyongdae Plastic Goods Processing Plant is gaining big profits by directing attention to recycling.

From several years ago, it has made researches into producing environment-friendly goods.

In the course of this, it established the lines of producing natural degradable disposable vessels, plastic bags and vinyl sheets, and laid a foundation for turning out other quality products.

Senior engineer Pak Tong Ho said: With the brisk recycling in our plant, various sorts of domestic garbage are being transformed into valuable things favoured by people. We will work hard to turn our products into more environment-friendly ones, while steadily increasing their varieties.

At present, the plant is producing various shapes of disposable vessels by adding a kind of inorganic substance and additive to such organic substances as amylocellulose without using any synthetic resin.

The products are now gaining public favour. They completely degrade in natural conditions three months after use, and can be effectively used as feed for domestic animals.

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