Ranks of Technical Personnel Increase

The industrial establishments and major industrial areas in the DPRK have factory colleges where workers learn various technologies under the study-while-you-work system.

Among them is Sosong College of Technology in Sosong District, Pyongyang.

The college, which trains technical personnel needed in the sectors of electrical, machine-building and wood processing industries, is comprised of several disciplines such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, industrial administration, etc.

It is improving the quality of education by combining theories with practical training as suited to its characteristics.

It actively studies and introduces new teaching methods and helps students improve their cognitive faculty by making a variety of experimental and practical equipment and multimedia programs.

As a result, it has produced a lot of technical personnel.

Among them are a coal miner who developed and produced a current stabilization AC welder and an insulating varnish and some workers who designed and completed several methods of manufacturing and assembling furniture by making use of timber by-products.

There are many graduates from this college among the technicians, masters of inventions at Kim Jong Thae Electronic Locomotive Complex, Pyongyang Timber Mill and other industrial establishments.

Ri Yong Sik and O Kwang Hyon, graduates from the college, won the first place in the 15th national machine-designing festival.

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