Development and Application of Superfar-Infrared Ray Products

As noninvasive and other therapies that use no medicine have become a worldwide trend, related medical instruments are drawing people’s interests.

In particular, today, when environmental pollution is posing a serious threat to human life and activities, products that create air anion good for health are much favoured by them.

According to the data released by the World Health Organization, the first index of appraising air quality is the concentration of anion in the air and its concentration must be over 1 000-1 500/㎤ if a man is to maintain his health.

The superfar-infrared ray (THz) products, developed and manufactured by the Taedonggang Medical Appliances Manufactory under the Taedonggang Jungjin Trading Company, fully conform with the above standards in their technical indexes and their advantages have been proved in clinical practices.

The superfar-infrared ray materials of the products increase human viability by activating metabolism of the body. Its wavelength is 25-1 000㎛, frequency is 0.3-12㎔, amount of anion released is 1 300/㎤, and radioactivity is lower than 370Bq per kilogramme.

The application products, including health activator, air-anion releasing panel, portable health activation card, various kinds of treatment belts (for abdomen, joints, head, cervical vertebrae, neck and mammary gland), poison-reducing cigarette tip, female disorder and hemorrhoid treatment devices, vary in the purposes of their use, but they are all efficacious in medical treatment because of the positive action of anions.

They are much favoured by users as they have overcome the drawbacks of conventional anion creating methods.

They create anions of high density in a sustained way without using any electricity, and never produce harmful matters including ozone and radioactive rays.

The manufactory plans to increase the density of anion and expand its application to developing various medical appliances by intensifying research in the future.

Kim Song Gyong

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