Double Standard Will Invite More Serious Consequence

Jo Chol Su, director-general of the Department of International Organizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK, released the following press statement on March 28:

Our test-fire of new-type tactical guided missiles on March 25 is an exercise of our righteous self-defensive right to deter military threats posed to the Korean peninsula and safeguard peace and prosperity of our state.

But, dangerous attempt is openly emerging, which is designed to negate the right of our state to self-defense.

The United Nations Security Council Sanctions Committee on the DPRK held its closed working-level consultation hastily on March 26, where the United States called for “tightening implementation of sanctions” and “applying additional sanctions”, while denouncing our self-defensive measure as “violation of UN resolutions.”

It was also reported that, at the proposal of the UK, France and other countries, the UNSC had decided to convene its closed meeting on March 30 to deal with the issue of our test-fire of new-type tactical guided missiles.

It constitutes a denial of a sovereign state and an apparent double standard that the UNSC, based on the UN “resolutions”–direct products of the US policy hostile towards the DPRK– takes issue with the normal activities which fall within the right of our state to self-defense.

It does not make any sense that only our righteous self-defensive measure should be singled out for denunciation, when many other countries across the world are firing all kinds of projectiles for the purpose of increasing their military strength.

This also holds true when it is viewed from the principle of objectivity and impartiality.

The basic principle of and the logical sequence in solving any issue are to get to the bottom of the issue in an objective and impartial way.

The UNSC remains silent whenever the US stages war drills against the DPRK at any time in the latter’s face. The contrast, however, is that it picks on the DPRK peremptorily when the latter takes self-defensive countermeasures for defending the security of the state.

If this is the conduct of the UNSC, we are compelled to look at the cases of the US, the UK and France picking a quarrel with our self-defensive measure.

It is only some time ago when the US launched an air raid against the territory of Syria. It is also only some days ago when the UK made an official announcement that it would make a drastic increase in its nuclear warheads, having reneged on its nuclear disarmament obligations. The same is true of France which conducted a test-fire of the new-generation, multi-tipped intercontinental ballistic missile.

The UNSC does not have a single record of having questioned or discussed such acts.

It is indeed preposterous that such countries spearheading the moves to undermine global peace and stability are picking on our self-defensive measure.

I strongly denounce the moves of the UNSC as a serious infringement upon the dignity of an independent state and its sovereignty and a wanton violation of the UN Charter, as it is holding meetings on and conducting investigations into our country with its extreme bias and double standard.

The UNSC should strictly follow the principle of impartiality, objectivity and equity, if it wants to make a contribution to global peace and security in line with its intrinsic mission.

If it continues to hold to double standard, it will only cause an aggravation, not amelioration, of the situation and confrontation, not dialogue, on the Korean peninsula.

We will never condone the moves of some members of the UNSC for abusing the United Nations in pursuit of their ulterior motives to trample on the sovereignty of independent countries and hold in check their development.

Any attempt to infringe upon our right to self-defense will inevitably prompt a countermeasure in kind.


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