Ball Games Played by Korean Ancestors

People think that modern sporting events playing with balls derive their origin from Europe.

From a historical point of view, the Korean ancestors played various ball games in the period of Koguryo. The oldest and ordinary game was called “Kyokgu” (a kind of polo). In the period of three Kingdoms—Koguryo, Paekje and Silla, they played it frequently.

“Thagu” and “Phogu” also belong to the traditional games of the nation.

“Thagu” was all the rage before 14th century. As a game similar to modern golf, it was played 2 to 10 players, divided into two teams. A man, who hit a ball using clubs, with as few strokes as possible, into holes, won the game.

“Phogu” was a game of pitching a ball into a ring made in midair. According to a historical record, a song and dance “Phogu Music” was performed in the period of Koryo in 1073, in which dancers threw a ball into the ring by turns. This shows that the game was similar to the present-day basketball game.

As seen above, the Korean ancestors played various ball games from ancient times.

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