Mt Paegun

Mt Paekun, a celebrated mountain in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is located in Ponghung-ri, Yonggwang County, South Hamgyong Province.

As the main peak of the Paegun Mountains, its name “Paegun” derives itself from the fact that it is always shrouded with white clouds.

Its sharp peaks, deep valleys and mysteriously-shaped rocks formed by age-long weathering and small and large crystal-clear waterfalls running down the valleys present a fantastic scenery.

In particular, it is most thrilling for one to enjoy the magnificent sunrise of the East Sea of Korea against the primitive forests on Jjagae Peak on the summit of the mountain.

The peak looks split into two, hence its name. It commands mysteriously-shaped cliffs of the mountain, dense forests and blue water of the East Sea of Korea.

In summer, waterfalls can be seen in all valleys of the mountain, which present spectacular scenes looking like those in Manphok Valley of Mt Myohyang. Curiously-shaped rocks and cliffs, thick woods, flowering plants and wild animals add more beauty to the waterfalls.

Sanju Falls sounds like a symphony of nature and clear water running down from a 30-m high rock presents a mysterious scene.

Manjang Falls looks like a spread of white silk fabrics and the spray of water drops is as beautiful as the clusters of beads.

The mountain boasts of a spring whose temperature never varies all the year round and which never dries up even in the drought season.

It is also blessed with lots of mysteriously-shaped rocks.

There are some historical relics with the value of national treasures, including Paegunsan Fort built in the period of Koguryo, and Ryonghung Temple and Pulji Hermitage in the period of Koryo.

Today, the mountain draws streams of holidaymakers as it has been turned into a cultural recreation ground for the people.

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