A Dignified People’s Country

The DPRK, which the Korean people opted for and built by themselves, is a dignified people’s country with which they are determined to share their destiny and future forever.

The people constitute the basis of a country, and no state is greater than a country where the people are its masters. The DPRK is a dignified people’s country which provides an institutional guarantee for the position and role of the masses of the people, as befits the masters of the state and society, and enforces the most advantageous people-oriented policies based on the people-first principle.

Our country guarantees institutionally the position and role of the masses of the people who are the masters of the state and society.

The dignity of the state precisely means that of the people, and their dignity can be ensured for sure only when it is guaranteed by law.

The DPRK regards the people-centred state and social system as its socio-political foundations.

In our country, all the people, as equal members of society, participate in all activities intended for the exercise of state power and state administration with the equal political rights.

They, as the masters of the political power and the country, fully exercise their political rights to elect and to be elected, enjoying a dignified life.

Ordinary workers, farmers and intellectuals are elected deputies to the Supreme People’s Assembly to voice their opinion in working out the state policies and conduct socio-political activities freely.

All the working people, as the owners of the means of production, are engaged in dynamic, creative activities for increasing the material wealth of the country.

With an attachment to and pride in their occupations, they perform with credit their revolutionary duty with a high sense of responsibility and devotion, strive to do more things for the good of society and the collective, and volunteer to undertake difficult and labour-consuming jobs.

The DPRK is the country which thoroughly embodies the most advantageous people-oriented policies.

The dignity of the state finds its clear expression in providing the people with a happy life by enforcing people-oriented policies.

In the DPRK the Workers’ Party of Korea and the state enforce people-oriented policies to provide the people with equal and affluent living conditions.

Typical of them are the universal 12-year compulsory education, recuperation and relaxation systems, section doctor system, and the system of nursing and bringing up children.

People have no idea of tax at all, and they receive free medical service at the state expense when they are ill.

The state built modern houses in Mirae Scientists Street and Ryomyong Street and distributed them to ordinary teachers, researchers and workers free of charge. It also takes responsible care of the honoured disabled ex-soldiers and the elderly with no one to depend on.

The orphans grow up happily at excellent baby homes and orphanages in different parts of the country—without feeling any sorrow from being parentless. The persons with disabilities and the elderly enjoy a worthwhile life without any inconvenience under the warm care of the Party and the state.

All the people-oriented policies have been in force since long ago. This is neither because the country has been in good conditions nor because it has greater material wealth than others. It is just because it is devoted to the effort for the life, happiness and future of its people.

Regarding “The people are God” as their lifetime motto, President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il adorned the whole course of socialist construction with loving care for the people. The DPRK, which had lagged far behind the times, has developed into a people’s paradise worthy of the world’s admiration. This is ascribable to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il who set it as the mode of state activities to serve the people and the most important of the affairs of the country to improve their living standards and devoted themselves to their service.

Under the leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the DPRK is shining more brilliantly as a dignified people’s country.

It is his firm will to build on this land an earthly paradise where the people’s dream and ideals come true by holding them in as much reverence as he does the great leaders.

Visiting baby homes and orphanages, he said he felt relieved to hear children there sing merrily; inspecting a fishery station he was so happy to see a big haul of fish, picturing in his mind the people enjoying better foods. He feels truly happy whenever structures are built to afford delight and happiness to the people.

The DPRK will further exalt the might as a dignified people’s country as it is led by Kim Jong Un, symbol of all victories and glory of the Korean people and outstanding leader of the Juche revolution.

Kim Ryu Chol, researcher at the Academy of Social Sciences

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