Regular Survey of Migratory Bird Reserve

Researchers of the Biodiversity Institute under the State Academy of Sciences conducted a survey of a migratory bird reserve in Yangjimal-ri, Phangyo County, Kangwon Province.

While going round the breeding place of white herons and egrets, they proved that it is inhabited by more than 500 white herons and scores of egrets every year. They also found that it is a habitat for various species of birds, including over 70 southern cormorants, jays, great spotted woodpeckers, Korean tits, blue magpies and tomtits (Parus varius).

Ri Chung Song, section chief of the institute, said: According to the locals, the mountain is crowded with white herons and egrets around September and October.

The mountain provides an environment favourable for the living of birds for its mixed forests of pines, pine-nuts, Mongolian oaks, chestnuts and acacia trees 10 to 14 metres tall.

The institute solves the problems arising in managing and improving the reserve through a regular survey of migratory birds in major reserves across the country during their migration in spring and autumn.

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