Kuwolsan Biosphere Reserve

The Kuwolsan Biosphere Reserve, located in the northwestern part of South Hwanghae Province, covers an area of over 52 000 hectares of mountains, seashore and lowland centred on the Sahwang Peak (954m) of Mt Kuwol.

The Mt Kuwol area was designated as the Kuwolsan Biosphere Reserve in Juche 93 (2004).

The bed rocks of the mountain are made of granite, amphibolite, marble, etc. They have been turned into mysterious shapes of rocks, cliffs, peaks and valleys by the age-long action of the weather and erosion.

As it is located between the continent and the sea, the area has the features of both continental and oceanic climates. Its annual average temperature is 9.2 to 11.2℃, and the annual total precipitation is 686 to 1 218 mm, which shows a relatively great difference in the amount from area to area.

Mt Kuwol boasts of many scenic spots such as Ryongyon, Samhyongje and other waterfalls, Hanil, Hani, Kuwol and other streams, and ponds and swamps of various shapes.

The biosphere reserve embraces the Tanphung, Phaldam, Jonggok pleasure grounds and many historical remains and relics, including Samsong Temple, Tangun Rock, ancient tombs and dolmens.

There are also Songhwa, Samchon and Unchon hot springs.

The reserve is inhabited by over 300 species of animals, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fishes and butterflies. Also distributed there are over 700 species of plants, including pteridophyte, gymnosperm and angiosperm.

Every year, it draws a stream of visitors from at home and abroad to study the biodiversity and tour the historical and cultural relics of the area.

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