Thaesong-brand Collagen Goods

Wrinkles indicates that one grows old. So it can be said that beauty and youthfulness begin to fade with the appearance of wrinkles.

The main cause of the impairment of the skin’s elasticity is the insufficiency of collagen. This substance helps moisturize the skin as it has such functions of making the skin elastic, soft and healthy, activate skin metabolism and promote cell assembly and adhesion.

The Thaesong collagen lotion and aqueous cream developed by the Ponghwasan Cosmetics Production Company are the basic cosmetics containing the collagen, which is extracted from locally-available natural raw materials by applying latest patent technology, in the form of highly-absorbable low molecule.

As the cosmetics are rich in natural whitening and strong anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants, they produce remarkable effects in whitening the skin and removing waste matters and pimples. The combined use of the lotion and cream smooths fine wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, restores the skin to its original smooth and beautiful state and also helps retard the physiological phenomenon of skin aging. Thaesong cosmetics are of great help to those who want beautiful skin.

The Ponghwasan Pharmacy develops and produces Thaesong collagen health foods which promote people’s health and youthfulness. Their main ingredient is collagen, a protein composed of many amino acids. The collagen-generating capacity of humans starts to decrease after the age of 25 years, which contributes to the outbreak of arthritis, arteriosclerosis, skin damage and other disorders.

The low-molecular collagen peptide manufactured with natural animal materials by employing a new biotechnology and other Thaesong collagen health foods containing various substances needed for bone and skin metabolism promote biosynthesis of collagen in the human body and inhibit its oxidation.

The collagen calcium capsule promotes the growth of children and has marked therapeutic effects for osteoporosis, pains in the knee joints and back and other dysfunctions of bones and bone damage.

The beauty collagen nutrient tablet is efficacious in retarding the aging of skin as a whole as well as facial skin.

Thaesong health foods will bring everyone health and beauty.

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