Session of DPRK Olympic Committee Held

The Juche 110 (2021) session of the Olympic Committee of the DPRK took place through the video conference system in Pyongyang on March 25.

It was attended by members of the committee and officials of the sports and other related sectors.

The session reviewed the work of the committee for Juche 109 (2020) and discussed the orientation of its work for Juche 110 (2021).

Kim Il Guk, minister of Physical Culture and Sports, delivered a report, to be followed by speeches.

The reporter and speakers said that the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un gave precious instructions to make the country rank among advanced sports nations and specified tasks and ways to this end for the sports sector at the 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea and its 2nd Plenary Meeting of the 8th WPK Central Committee.

They referred to the successes achieved in developing specialized sports techniques and putting the techniques of all events on a scientific basis and the fact that cooperation with international sports organizations has been intensified.

They stressed the need to further exalt the honour of the dignified country by steadily winning more medals in international games during the period of the new five-year plan and dynamically promote socialist construction by making the whole country seethe with enthusiasm for sports.

The session discussed technical matters to lay a solid foundation for developing specialized sports techniques and vigorously organize mass-based sports activities this year.

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