Japan’s Crazy Bolstering of Military Muscle

Japan has taken another step toward risky militarization.

Days ago, the Defense Ministry of Japan announced that Mitsubishi Heavy Industry and seven other Japanese enterprises have launched a joint designing of fighters according to the plan for developing and deploying the next-generation fighters of the air “Self-Defense Force.”

The next-generation fighter to be equipped with the latest stealth capability is obviously for preemptive attack. To possess such war hardware definitely runs counter to the principle of home defense stipulated in the current Japanese constitution.

Japan’s crazy move to beef up its military muscle is aimed at realizing its wild ambition for overseas expansion at any cost by furthering the striking power of the SDF.

Worse still, it trumpets about “maintenance of technical power of domestic industry for home defense” after choosing the notorious war criminal enterprise as the principal axis in developing the fighter. This is no more than an intolerable challenge to the people of the DPRK and other Asian countries that suffered misfortune and pain by Japan in the past century. This is also tantamount to an open declaration that it will further speed up the preparations for igniting a war.

The island nation has dashed towards militarization at a breakneck speed since the emergence of the Suga regime.

While drastically increasing the military spending, it is accelerating the development and production of weapons for attack.

It has allocated 5 342.2 billion ¥, an all-time high, for military expenditure in 2021 and invested lots of funds in the development of the next-generation fighter.

The gravity of the issue lies in the fact that Japan is pushing ahead with the buildup of its military muscle in all aspects including the air, ground, sea, outer space and cyber space, and in the direction of enhancing the preemptive striking power.

Japan has decided to build two new-type ships equipped with Aegis system and develop domestic long-range cruise missiles. In March alone, it built or launched several warships including a miniaturized escort ship with an intensive operation system and a ship with a sound detecting range of several hundred kilometres.

It has also pushed forward the project for developing supersonic missiles with a striking range of over 500 kilometres. It has buckled down to the efforts for mounting a laser weapon on a vehicle to neutralize hostile drones.

At present, the Japanese reactionaries are going to operate a system of monitoring outer space in a bid to seize the military edge in outer space from 2023 by using the space operation unit formed last year.

Recently, it organized an electronic warfare unit operated by the latest “network electronic warfare system” within the ground SDF.

Commenting on the facts, foreign media said that Japan’s navy is reminiscent of the navy of the imperial Japanese army in the past and the military muscle of the SDF “ranks the fifth in the world.”

What is astonishing is the fact that the Japanese militaristic maniacs do not try to cover up the fact that their frantic arms buildup is aimed at containing its surrounding powers by force of arms.

All these facts show that, even though scores of years have passed since Japan’s defeat, the Japanese reactionaries remain unchanged and get evermore undisguised in their wild ambition for reinvasion and their daydream for the “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.”

Japan is the chief enemy of regional and global peace as it runs amuck to turn itself into a “war-capable country” at all costs, far from admitting its bloody history of aggression and making a full apology and compensation before the international community.

It had better remember that it is bound to face a bitter ruin if it persists in incurring the disfavour of the world people as now.


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