Achievements in Forest Conservation

These days, the Forest Pest Research Institute under the Academy of Forestry is making achievements in studying insecticides and bactericides.

It has developed an efficacious vegetable insecticide and bio-bactericide effective against seedling wilt disease.

The microbial bactericide, in particular, can be used widely in forests and fruit and crop farming and does no harm to ecology. Its production cost is 20 to 40% lower than those of chemical ones, and it promotes the growth of plants and improves the quality of fruits. It can also be used in treating seeds and substrate, and be sprayed both in liquid and powder forms.

By introducing the bio-pesticides, the city of Pyongyang and Ryanggang, North Hamgyong and North Hwanghae provinces could minimize the damage by pests, while preserving the forest ecosystems.

The institute has discovered the biological characteristics of Trichogr amma dendrolim, Trchogramma emdryophagum and others, thus making it possible to control pests by means of their natural enemies.

It has made a module of occurrence of forest pests of the country and, based on it, established a system for monitoring and forecast of the occurrence of forest pest.

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