People’s Doctor

Hwang Sin O, head of the neural medicine department of Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences, is a competent medical worker who treats nervous system disorders with his profound knowledge and rich experience.

While studying at the then Sariwon Medical College and Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences, he was recognized as a promising future doctor because of his cleverness and fervent spirit of inquiry.

After graduating from the university he was appointed as a doctor of the aforesaid department newly organized in the university. He has since been making strenuous efforts to improve his medical art.

Busy as he was treating patients, he always thought of how to apply advanced treatments in clinical practice, and strove to improve his practical qualifications saving every bit of time.

He drew a lesson from his treatment of various patients suffering from nervous system disorders.

It was that the treatment should not be taken as routine. That is, the treatment is repetitive to a doctor but a matter of vital importance to a patient.

Always bearing this in mind, he made efforts to solve the technical problems arising in treating various nervous system disorders, and made a contribution to raising the quality of medical service by inventing new treatments.

His treatise “Clinical Research on Disorder of Consciousness” enables anyone to evaluate the seriousness of the disorder of consciousness immediately, and thus it is drawing the attention of relevant experts and patients.

He also restored to health by means of acupuncture a lot of patients including those who had been suffering from periodic tetraplegia and those with nervous system disorders who had not benefitted much from long treatment.

His method of treatment is characterized by correct diagnosis, short period of treatment and high efficacy.

It is his assertion that a doctor must take loving care of patients so that the latter can trust the doctor and will enthusiastically get treatment with confidence.

He never neglects even trivial matters such as his attire and conversation with patients, and always stresses the need for doctors and nurses of the department to follow suit.

During his nearly 50-year-long career, he participated in writing lots of books and textbooks including “Korean Encyclopedia”, “Encyclopedia of Korean Language” and “Encyclopedia of Medical Sciences”, received tens of certificates of invention and published 76 papers in medical journals.

He attended international medical symposiums, including Pyongyang medical symposium of Korean compatriots from at home and abroad.

Though over 70, he wrote the book “Neuroimmunological Diseases” last year.

Awarded the honorary title of People’s Doctor in Juche 101 (2012), he is recognized as an experienced doctor in the sector of neural medicine.

Recollecting his past days, he said, “I lived in Japan for 17 years and in my motherland for 58 years. Thus, I could experience two health systems. It served as a basis which has made me today.”

Many people respectfully call him People’s Doctor.

Saying that the title reflects the people’s request that he should perform his duty, he is treating patients with great sincerity.

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