Medical Books Conducive to Improving Practical Abilities

Ko Yong Jin, deputy head in charge of technical affairs of the Hamhung City People’s Hospital, has written some books which are popular among medical workers and give a great help to their medical services.

During his four-decade-long career as a healthcare worker, he has successfully performed more than 1 000 rounds of surgical operations and cured many patients.

A few years ago, he took it upon himself to treat a patient suffering from an abnormal febricula.

Based on his experience, he found that the unidentified fever was caused by chronic tonsillitis.

He successfully carried out in a short span of time such difficult surgery as tonsillectomy for curing chronic tonsillitis and conchotomy for curing hypertrophic rhinitis, both of which required perfect dexterity in a limited space.

Every year he wrote treatises on his rich clinical experience and valuable research findings.

After working as the deputy head of the hospital, he brought out “Q & A Book for Clinicians” and “Q & A for Principles in Clinical Practice” to help doctors and nurses improve their practical qualifications. The books deal with his experience of medical services, as well as problems frequently facing medical workers in clinical practice and diagnostic methods and therapies that suit the trends of developing modern medical sciences.

They are now winning great popularity among not only medical workers and nurses of his hospital and the South Hamgyong Provincial People’s Hospital, but ordinary people.

The books were awarded the first prize in the 17th National Exhibition of Sci-Tech Achievements in Public Health.

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