The Clock is Ticking

March 24 is World TB Day.

According to data available, about 2 billion people of the world are infected with TB bacillus, of whom nearly 50 million to a hundred million are suffering from the pain caused by tuberculosis.

In its Global TB Report 2020, the World Health Organization said that the TB incidence rate shows its downfall worldwide, but far from hitting the milestone target of End TB strategy of reducing the rate to 20% in 2020 as compared to that in 2015.

Proceeding from this, the WHO called upon all its member nations to give a spur to the efforts for achieving the upcoming milestone target of End TB strategy for 2025 on the theme of “The Clock Is Ticking” for this year’s World TB Day.

Amid the brisk nationwide campaign to prevent the inflow of COVID-19, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is pushing ahead with the activities for TB elimination without letup.

Having set TB elimination as its top priority task, it makes careful arrangements to wipe out TB in collaboration with the relevant organs.

Regular vaccination is conducted for the prevention of TB, and preventive and curative institutions are playing their parts.

The lowest medical service units find out TB patients in time as required by the case finding guideline on the basis of active case finding so as to take necessary measures.

The country gives wide publicity to hygienic information related to TB through the mass media, and activities for TB elimination are undertaken as a mass drive.

It is also promoting cooperation with the UNICEF, WHO, Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Stop TB Partnership, Swiss Agency for Development and Coordination and several other international organizations to ensure successful activities for TB elimination.

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