Amnokgang Technology Development Company

The Amnokgang-brand products are now drawing the attention of the people.

Those products based on fingerprint, face, voice, palm print, vein, iris and other biometric identification technology are in wide use in many fields for their safety, portability, precision, practicality and high quality.

They are developed and produced by the Amnokgang Technology Development Company.

Established in Juche 71 (1982) as a company engaged in the development of advanced artificial intelligence, including biometric identification technology, it has grown up into a strong IT group with hundreds of technical personnel capable of developing and producing perfect products and is well known in many countries around the world.

The company, regarding the AI development aimed at overseas market as its main strategy, has steadily strived to realize it.

After causing a great sensation with its debut product, a photoelectronic fingerprint identification device, in Juche 77 (1988), it proceeded to put a fingerprint entrance device, the first ever, on the international market. These products were awarded gold prizes several times at exhibitions held in Geneva, Switzerland.

In September Juche 85 (1996) its fingerprint locker and fingerprint entrance device were highly appreciated by experts in a security technical equipment exhibition attended by many companies from over 100 countries.

By intensifying the research into the core algorithm, it developed in the 2000s face identification locker, face recognition entrance and exit device, face IC card time and attendance and other application products, all of which have correct identification rate. In the 2010s, it developed different application products based on palm print, iris, vein and voice, thus taking its position in the world competitive development of advanced technology.

Now the worldwide demand for the products of the company exceeds over tens of thousands per month.

It has made a big stride in AI development and secured a firm position as a leading developer and transfer of cutting-edge technology in several countries.

It has over 50 development and marketing agencies in 20-odd countries in Asia, Europe and other parts of the world, and cooperates with competent foreign IT companies in R&D, technical cooperation and sales.

It has not been an easy job to maintain its progress and position as an individual business for scores of years while overcoming countless external challenges and obstacles in this world.

Commenting on the company, a businessman in Asia once said, “The Amnokgang Technology Development Company focuses on making a practical contribution to its country’s development. Its staff are strong in national dignity.”

What he said reflects the company’s consistent business principle. Actually, the company has held fast to the principle of attaching importance to talents and credit and maintained its dignity under any circumstances.

Han Chol Ho, president of the company, says: Technical development overseas is accompanied by a fierce technical competition, brain competition. There are numerous challenges and barriers. However, the strong self-respect as Koreans gave us matchless courage and wisdom with which to overcome those barriers and encouraged the development of the company dynamically.

Today the company, which possesses rich experiences in external activities and latest technology, is aspiring after multilateral trade and expanding its realm of investment.

By intensifying technical exchanges and cooperation it strives to secure the seeds of advanced technical products and develop low-cost high-tech products of high quality and high performance, while ceaselessly expanding the types of its business including investment in real estate and other fields of the economy and promoting cultural exchanges.

It is an invariable attitude of the company that it will cooperate with any counterpart on the principle of equality, reciprocity, mutual trust and common interests.

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