Value Water

March 22 is World Water Day.

The theme of the day for this year is “Valuing water”.

At present, it arises as an urgent issue for the existence and development of humanity to protect, manage and make effective use of clean water resources, which are essential to nature and human beings.

The DPRK set it as a consistent policy of the state to protect water resources and make effective use of them, and ensures that water is fully provided for economic development and the people’s living.

Such sectoral laws as “The law of the DPRK on water service”, “The law of the DPRK on water resources” and “The law of the DPRK on environmental protection” stipulate the systems and orders to be observed in the survey and exploration, development, protection and use of water resources.

The country is building up the production capacity of drinking water and improving its quality while ensuring that all provinces, cities and counties establish a gravity-fed water system to fully supply water to the people.

It ensures that rivers, streams, reservoirs, lakes, underground water, etc. are protected and managed on a regular basis and that all the units remodel their production and management processes into water-saving ones. It also takes measures to renovate or build sewage treatment facilities so as to prevent environment from being polluted by waste water.

It also raises public awareness about the importance of water through various publications and inspires people to turn out as one in the campaign to save and make effective use of water.

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