Japanese Maneouvres to Abolish National Education

The Koreans in different parts of Japan are conducting a vigorous struggle against the Japanese authorities’ discriminatory moves against Korean schools.

The Yamaguchi prefectural network for supporting Korean schools and the Yamaguchi measure committee for the payment of subsidies co-sponsored a Yamaguchi prefectural network action for supporting Korean schools under the slogan “Right to education for all children!” in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan on February 10 last.

Citizens of Fukuoka Prefecture held a rally on February 13 to demand the application of tuition-free program for senior high schools to Korean schools.

The meeting “Network Saidama for providing system of foreigners’ school and national school” was also held in Saidama City, Saidama Prefecture on February 22. It demands the resumption of subsidy supply to the Saidama Korean primary and middle schools of Chongryon (General Association of Korean Residents in Japan) and support to Korean kindergartens.

Speakers at the rally said that the Japanese government has become more desperate in its discriminatory policy against national education for the past ten-odd years.

They went on to say that the Japanese government had excluded the students and kindergarteners of Korean schools from the application of the system for supporting schools and that for supporting infant education and nurture, and exclude the Korean students even from the objects of financial assistance for students aimed at coping with the pandemic situation. They denounced it as a mean act of the Japanese government and local autonomous bodies to abolish national education, and declared that they would continue the struggle for defending the right to national education.

Japan had kept maneouvring to abolish national education of Chongryon in the past century as well.

After the Japanese government announced an “ordinance on the closure of Korean schools” in January 1948, the Koreans in Japan launched a struggle against the ordinance.

The April 24 struggle for national education clearly proved that nothing cannot stop the struggle of the Koreans in Japan to defend their right to democratic national education and that truth can be achieved only by waging a struggle.

Later, the Japanese reactionaries enforced the restricting condition to deprive the Korean students of their right to national education based on their mother tongue in February 1954, and introduced to the Diet a “bill” for crackdown on the democratic national education of the Korean residents in Japan in May 1972.

Such criminal acts of Japan to obliterate the national education of the Korean residents in Japan have been nonstop and continued even in the new century.

It is advisable for the Japanese authorities to abolish the policy of national discrimination against the Koreans in Japan immediately and provide them with the right to national education thoroughly.

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