Benevolent Persons

Kang So Jong, an 86-year-old war veteran and honoured disabled soldier resident in Jangsan-dong, Sosong District of Pyongyang, had many visitors on last February 8, the founding anniversary of the Korean People’s Army.

The first visitor in the early morning was an official of the Sosong District People’s Committee who has been familiar with him. He congratulated the veteran on the holiday as if he visited his own parents, and hoped for the good health of the generation who won victory in the Fatherland Liberation War (June 1950–July 1953).

After a while, officials of the primary organization of the women’s union in Jangsan-dong called at his house to extend congratulations. They were followed by a woman medical worker of the clinic, who took his blood pressure and temperature before presenting him with tonics. The old man motioned her not to worry about him as she called on him every two days or less.

In the afternoon, young sportspersons of Jangsan Sports Club visited him. They were deeply moved by the story of the veteran who had fought bravely on the front during the fierce war and, after discharge from military service, graduated from a university and worked at a publishing house for decades.

His daughter Kang Un Ok who lives with her father said that there were so many visitors not only on holidays but on his birthday and Sundays, adding that they were all kind-hearted persons.

Kang expressed his gratitude when seeing off the visitors, saying that he would live long under the benevolent socialist system.

It is a social climate in the DPRK to pay respect and give preferential treatment to the war veterans and honoured disabled soldiers.

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