Effective Technology Trade Service System

“Jagangryok”, a technology trade service system, is now briskly operated in the country.

Kim Hong Yong, president of the Moranbong Technology Trading Company under the State Commission of Science and Technology, said: Its users call the system an “economic superhighway” as it is conducive to promoting the development of science and technology and production and facilitating the sale of products. At present, many businesses, scientific research institutions and individuals carry on credit transactions of products, inventions, sci-tech achievements and others by means of the system.

One year passed after its establishment, and hundreds of units and many people have subscribed to the system.

The system, which involves such functions as integrating science and technology with production and submitting a tender for trade, makes it possible for many enterprises across the country to solve urgent problems arising in their production and management activities while saving much funds and time for development and purchase of new technologies.

A large number of advanced technologies which have been registered as inventions and patents are widely introduced and publicized through the system.

Its subscribers have access to the expert page of the system to download sci-tech data they want to know and see the news about exhibitions and expos held in other countries.

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