Devotion for a Patient

Several months ago, medical workers of urology department of Kim Man Yu Hospital brought a woman back to life from the jaws of death.

She was Kim Jong Hui, 52, from Hyangsan County, North Phyongan Province.

She was sent to the hospital in October last year.

Medical workers were surprised at the result of her medical examination.

It showed that her condition became worse than what they had known through consultation by means of telemedicine system with medical workers of the Hyangsan County People’s Hospital.

She was in a critical situation because of uremia caused by her imperforate ureters.

After consultation, they came to a conclusion to perform an operation on her.

But nobody dared to do it as it was the first ever.

And there was no guarantee of her safety during the surgical operation.

After a while, Choe Jong Min, head of the department in charge of the patient, said: We doctors are needed to safeguard the life of patients. It is said that what comes from the heart goes to the heart. I will perform the operation.

An operation team was organized on the spot.

The seven-hour-long operation was a success.

After the operation, the doctor and nurses in charge of her devoted themselves to recover her health, making observation of her condition.

Thanks to their selfless devotion, the patient came to over 40 days later and went back home.

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