To Develop Educational Science

The Institute of Educational Science of Kim Il Sung University serves as an advisory body for educational policy and an academic research unit which works out education development strategies and their execution and management, and conducts research into putting the overall educational work on a scientific basis.

In recent years, the institute has produced research findings conducive to improving the content of education in keeping with the worldwide trend of developing education and the pedagogical requirements and to developing the pedagogy of the university, including the problems of training talented personnel and improving the quality of education.

Its researchers have made proactive efforts to explore such new domains of pedagogy as educational cybernetics, created many teaching methods based on modern educational science, educational technology and IT means and introduced them into practice.

They have taken an active part in the making and deliberation of teaching programmes, the seminars on pedagogy, and panel discussion and inspection of lectures to present constructive proposals, and thus put the educational work of the university on a scientific footing.

In the course of this, they presented many treaties, including “Modelling and Measuring Competencies in Higher Education” and submitted “Study of Origin and Development of Education” and others for publication in SCI-level international journals.

Based on their achievements, they are carrying on the research into providing a scientific guarantee for building a research-oriented university where education, scientific research and production are integrated with each other at a high level.

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