Natural Monument—Rugose Rose Community at Wonjong-ri

A rose community grows naturally on a sand hill on the shore of the Tuman River meandering through Wonjong-dong, Sonbong District, Rason City in the northeastern part of Korea.

It is called Rugose Rose Community at Wonjong-ri. As a deciduous, broadleaf shrub which belongs to Rosaceae, this beautiful and fragrant flower adds more beauty to the landscape of the area.

Two or three flowers come into full bloom at the tip of sprays from May to August and fruits ripen from July to September. The rose in the area has stronger vitality and propagating ability, longer period of bloom and bigger flowers and fruits than that in other areas.

It is 1.8 metres tall on average with its root neck of 8 cm round. The diameter of a flower is 6 to 8 cm and that of a fruit is 2 to 2.5 cm on average.

The community is under preservation for its significance in scientific research.

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