The Country Pays Special Attention to Macrobians

Under the district doctor system of the DPRK, healthcare workers make a regular visit to macrobians for their medical checkup.

At present, there are two centenarians and ten persons over 90 years old in Janggyong-dong Nos. 1 and 2, Sosong District, Pyongyang.

They do kitchen work, take care of their children and have a keen sense of hearing as good as young people.

According to Ri Son Suk, doctor of Janggyong Polyclinic, the old persons have something common in their life.

First, they are temperate in eating and like to eat bean sprout, bracken and other edible herbs and flour food.

And they drink Okryu mineral water or spring water gushing out in the Jangsan area, and scorched-rice tea after meals.

They take moderate exercises every day, play folk games on holidays. In particular, they are fond of appreciating the music of folk songs.

The doctor said that the clear and fresh air emanating from the thick pine forests of Mt Jang surrounding the residential area seems to be largely instrumental in promoting their health.

The country sends birthday spreads to the macrobians greeting their centenaries.

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