Legend of Moran Hill

Moran Hill is a scenic spot in Pyongyang.

It has been a popular haunt for the beautiful scenery comprising wonderful topography, thick woods and various kinds of flowers that go well together. And there are lots of legends of the hill.

The stories assume the form of group and their themes vary.

Some tales reflect the people’s pride in the beautiful hill, including “Hungbu Valley” about a mysterious spring water and “Origin of Chongnyu Cliff” about the cliff the Dragon King turned into a beautiful place impressed by a kind-hearted young man of Pyongyang.

And “Chongnyu Pavilion on Moonlit Night” and “Gate of Happiness” represent the life of the Koreans who lived in harmony helping and leading one another forward and their spirit of attaching importance to military affairs.

Besides, “General Ulmil”, “Eight Bravos during the Imjin Patriotic War” and “Kye Wol Hyang and kite-flying” show the struggle of brave Pyongyang people against foreign invaders.

The legend of Moran Hill is on the list of national intangible cultural heritage of the DPRK.

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