New Remedies for Treating Obesity

The Koryo Medicine General Hospital has made achievements in the research for treating obesity, which had been regarded as an incurable disease, by means of Koryo therapy.

Ri Ran Hui, a section chief of the hospital, and her research team have made painstaking efforts for decades to find out a remedy for treating obesity by Koryo medicinal stuff abundant in the country.

In the course of this, they developed Scutellaria Tablet for Obesity and established a treatment method based on Koryo medicine by the application of the tablet.

Based on it, they have recently developed a new kind of efficacious anti-obesity tablets.

The medicines, prepared from the extracts of Koryo medicinal stuff, decrease the adipose tissues in human body and improve the indices of complications, including cholesterol, fatty liver, blood sugar, blood pressure, and produce no side effects.

They also completed a scientific acupuncture and moxibustion conducive to reducing weight.

The combination of Scutellaria Tablet for Obesity with electric acupuncture proved over 96% of effectiveness in treatment.

Now, many patients, who have suffered from obesity and various complications therefrom, are recovering from the diseases.

Yun Ji Hye, a 27-year-old girl in Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, said: I have been in mental sufferings from obesity. Informed that the hospital is good at curing the disease, I am receiving treatment here. Over twenty days after hospitalization, my body weight reduced from 89.4 kg to 83.

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