Int’l Women’s Day Marked

The Korean people marked the 111th anniversary of March 8 International Women’s Day.

They visited the plaza in front of the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, the supreme sanctuary of Juche where the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il are preserved in their lifetime appearance.

They also visited the statues of the great leaders on Mansu Hill and their smiling portraits in different parts of the country to lay flower baskets, bouquets and flowers and made a deep bow to them.

Colourful celebration performances were given at the Moranbong Theatre, the East Pyongyang Grand Theatre and other theatres and open-air stages in Pyongyang and other localities.

Officials of all provinces, cities and counties, and those of institutions, industrial establishments and cooperative farms warmly congratulated women labour innovators, scientists and lecturers and other exemplary workers on the occasion.

Public catering amenities in different parts of the country served the women to enliven the holiday.

Men and children congratulated their wives and mothers, presenting them with greeting cards and flowers.

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