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Jo Yong Sun, 51, a needle worker at the Pyongyang Children’s Knitwear Factory, has worked at her occupation for several decades.

Wife of an officer of the Korean People’s Army and mother of two children, she is one of the leading performers of feats of labour in the factory.

After finishing middle school course, she started her working career at the factory. She made efforts to have a command of several machines in a short span of time. One year, she invented an auxiliary tool conducive to promoting labour efficiency in cooperation with the technicians of the factory, to the surprise of her colleagues. That is why they call her an “eager beaver”.

As she got married and became mother, it was actually not easy to take care of her suckling baby while working at the machines under her charge. As she engrossed herself in work, she sometimes forgot to breastfeed her baby. So, the staff of the factory nursery would help her.

Whenever her colleagues asked her whether she was tired, she would reply, “Mothers take pride in making clothes on their own for their children. So do I.”

In the course of studying in the study-while-you-work system, she came up with new ideas of making knitwear of various forms and colours as suited to the ages and psychological features of children, and introduced them into production.

She was honoured with high official commendations of the state on several occasions by fulfilling her annual production quotas ahead of schedule. She was elected as a delegate to the celebrations of the 70th founding anniversary of the DPRK.

“I like my workshop where I started my working life and where I feel the worth and delight of life,” says Jo Yong Sun.

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