Tree-Planting Day Observed

Spring tree-planting campaign started in the country on the occasion of Tree-Planting Day.

On March 2 alone, officials and working people across the country planted one million and hundreds of thousands of trees.

Officials of the central committee of the youth league planted a large number of trees around the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace, strictly observing the tree-planting methods.

Officials of the Central Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea and other trade union members throughout the country planted with much care good species of trees around the mosaic murals depicting the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and in the forests under their charge.

Officials of the Central Committee of the Union of Agricultural Workers of Korea planted over 2 000 trees and flowering shrubs, including pine and pine-nut, to add more beauty to the scenery of the Mangyongdae Revolutionary Site.

Organizations of the UAWK in all parts of the country planted trees in the mountains and villages in their areas.

Officials of the Central Committee of the Socialist Women’s Union of Korea and its committees at all levels and its members planted over 200 000 trees in the Central Botanical Garden and the forests under their charge.

Officials of ministries planted trees in the areas under their charge.

Officials and residents in different districts of Pyongyang observed the tree-planting processes of watering, stepping, etc. so as to increase the survival rate of saplings.

Provinces, cities and counties across the country conducted planted trees, strictly observing the epidemic prevention regulations.

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