Lunar New Year’s Day

The lunar New Year`s Day is the traditional holiday which the Korean nation has largely celebrated from the olden times.

The lunar New Year`s Day of this year is February 12 of the solar calendar. 

The Korean nation used to regard the lunar New Year`s Day as the day to see out the old year, see in the new year and the day to grow a year older. So they would greet it with new expectation and aspiration.

When the lunar New Year`s Day came, the young people would make a formal bow of respect to the elders early in the morning. Meanwhile, the people would eat together with their neighbors and pleasantly enjoy the folk play such as yut-game, seesawing, kite-flying, etc.

Today the Korean customs to greet the lunar New Year’s Day have been more inherited and developed to fit the need of the present era.

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