Kim Jong Il’s Life Seen through Numbers

Chairman Kim Jong Il who ardently loved his country and people paid ceaseless field guidance visits to all parts of the country.

He visited over 14 290 units during his lifetime.

In the last three years of his revolutionary career alone, he provided field guidance at nearly 1 000 units. 

In July Juche 90 (2001), Itar-Tass of Russia asked him a question on his hobbies. 

He said as follows: As for my hobbies, I am fond of mixing with the people and soldiers, and spending time with them; I find my life worth living and get most pleasure when I learn how they live and work, and take care of them, talking with them and sharing their feelings.

He travelled more than 669 844km, about 17 times as long as the circumference of the earth, for field guidance during his lifetime. 

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