Korean People Enjoy First Full Moon Day

The Korean people marked Jongwoldaeborum, the 15th day of the first month by the lunar calendar, with pleasure.

Marking the folk holiday, restaurants of the public catering establishments in the capital city of Pyongyang served citizens with different national dishes.

Catering facilities including Okryu and Chongnyu restaurants, restaurants of the Changgwang public service agency, etc., were packed with diners.

Servants in the restaurants rendered all sincerity to offer national dishes including Pyongyang cold noodles, ogokpap, or boiled rice admixed with four other staple cereals, sweet rice dish, mung-bean pancake and dishes made of nine kinds of dried herbs.

Those in Haeju, Hamhung and other parts of the country also celebrated the folk holiday magnificently.

When the full moon began to rise in the sky, people viewed it on Moran Hill and in other scenic places, especially in new streets symbolic of socialist civilization, new villages mushroomed in disaster-stricken areas and others throughout the country.

The enjoyers wished the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un good health as he continues his journey for the people, true to the idea of “The people are God” and “Devotion to the people”.

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