Competent Educators

The algebra department under the Mathematics Faculty of Kim Il Sung University has registered many successes in the training of talents in the algebra sector and the research of basic theory.

In the course of their efforts to study the global development trend of education and improve the educational methods and contents for developing the intellectual capability of students, the teachers of the department wrote several kinds of textbooks and developed various educational programs and introduced them into practice.

They also conducted active research to solve the problems of the basic theory sector, thereby finding solutions to the sci-tech problems arising in the Pyongyang Taegyong Laver Processing Factory, Pyongyang Essential Oil Factory and different other units of the national economy.

Recently, they have contributed several treatises to the SCI journal including “Recursive constructions of k-normal polynomials using some rational transformations over finite fields”, “Constructing new differentially 4-uniform permutations from known ones” and “Topological properties of the prime spectrum of a semimodule”.

All the teachers of the department have won the February16 Sci-Tech Prize.

Dr. and Associate Prof. Kim Ryul, the head of the department, said, “Although we have made some achievements, we have more work to do. The future of the country hinges on us.

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