Birthday Spreads to Centenarians

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un sent birthday spreads to Ryu Hae Dok living in Suphung Workers’ District of Sakju County in North Phyongan Province and Ko Kum Nyo living in the township of Kwaksan County on their 100th birthdays.

Before the liberation of the country (August 15, 1945), the centenarians were born as daughters of day labourers and suffered from the miserable fate of a ruined nation, being subjected to all sorts of maltreatment and humiliation.

They faithfully worked for decades in the agricultural sector with a single mind to live up to the benevolence of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, who liberated the country and provided them with a worthwhile life and dignity, with increased grain production.

They voluntarily did jobs conducive to the prosperity of the country even after retirement.

Thanks to the socialist healthcare system, they are still doing housework in good health under the care of medical workers.

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