To Develop Mother Tongue

February 21 is the International Mother Language Day.

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is trying to develop Korean which has been created and developed by the people.

Schools at all levels are strengthening the education of native language through textbooks such as “mother tongue”, “grammar of mother tongue” and “Korean grammar”.

Many dictionaries and books such as “Korean Dictionary”(six volumes in total), “Modern Korean Dictionary”, “Cultured Korean Language”, “Norm of Korean” and “Normative Grammar of Cultured Language” were compiled to contribute to the everyday use of language.

The language standardization is regularly carried on in depth under the state guidance.

The language norms that comprehend the whole of the language such as the rules of orthography, word spacing, punctuation, pronunciation and marking of foreign language are being refined as required by the present time, being disseminated in linguistic life throughout the country.

Not only formulating and issuing the norms, the state is but also strengthening its guidance over and help to all sectors and units to enforce them in a unified way.

Feeling pride in using Korean, the wealth and heritage peculiar to their nation, the Koreans are developing it.

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