Growing Popularity of Traditional Costume

Created and developed through a long historical period, the traditional clothes of the Korean nation suit every Korean, irrespective of sex, age and countenance, and set off their appearances.

The Korean traditional clothes are diverse in kind, including jogori (jacket), paji (trousers), chima (long skirt), paeja (waistcoat for women), tangui (formal dress for women), and turumagi (overcoat), as well as in colour and form, thus making people dress appropriately according to seasons and by age.

Nowadays, not only the elderly, women and children but even men like wearing traditional clothes.

Women attired in chima and jogori give the impression that they are innocent and soft.

National Korean costume shows, which commenced in 2003, took place every year until 2019, drawing a larger number of professional and amateur dressmakers.

And acclaimed Korean dressmaker’s shops in the country enjoy endless orders.

In 2016 the dressing custom of the Korean nation was inscribed on the list of intangible cultural heritage of the DPRK.

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