Japan’s Crafty “Advisory Policy”

The Japanese imperialists forced the feudal Joson dynasty to sign the aggressive “Korea-Japan Agreement” in August 1904 and began to enforce the crafty “advisory policy”.

Their “advisory policy” was aimed at trampling on the sovereign rights of Korea by appointing their point men of aggression in the name of “advisers” to financial, diplomatic and other sectors of the feudal Joson dynasty.

They first dispatched a “financial adviser” in a bid to seize control over the financial affairs of Korea, thereby putting all other sectors easily under their control.

From October 1904, they launched a drive to “readjust currency” and forced the feudal Joson dynasty to close its mint and change the Korean currency into the Japanese one.

In April 1905, they reduced the military strength of the Korean army as a whole on the pretext of “adjusting and saving financial expenditure” and prevented the feudal Joson dynasty from sending diplomatic expenses to its overseas legations.

After seizing control over the overall financial affairs, they deteriorated the economic life in Korea and held practical supremacy over the military, diplomatic and other affairs.

The Japanese imperialists also sent a “diplomatic adviser” to take hold of the diplomatic sector of Korea.

The Japanese “diplomatic adviser” dispatched to Korea in December 1904 made a “contract for inviting a diplomatic adviser” with the feudal Joson dynasty, with the result that he was privileged to see diplomatic documents of Korea at his will and control its diplomatic activities.

As a result, the diplomatic function of Korea was brought to paralysis.

Besides, the Japanese imperialists checked the independent development of Korea by establishing such crafty ruling systems as a “policy on police affairs”, a “policy on educational institutions”, etc.

The Korean people will never forget their past crimes and make Japan pay dearly for them.

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