Preparations for Afforestation in Full Swing

Officials and workers in Jagang Province are achieving success in producing saplings for forest restoration.

They have produced over 150 million saplings of species of high economic effectiveness for tree planting this spring.

Those in Sijung County have produced over 9 million saplings of high economic value, including Schizandra chinensis, pine-nut tree and black walnut.

Jonchon County has overfulfilled its sapling production plan, and Kanggye City and Usi County have produced saplings of Crataegus pinnatifidaAronia melanocarpa and so on by applying a rational production method.

Chosan County settled the areas for forests of firewood, raw materials and oil-bearing trees to suit local geographical features and has produced over 10 million saplings for tree planting in spring.

Songgan and Janggang counties have also produced lots of saplings of good species for afforestation and landscaping.

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