New Fossil in the Mesozoic Era Unearthed

New fossils in the Mesozoic era have recently been unearthed in the area of Paektho-dong, city of Sinuiju, North Phyongan Province.

The paleontology researchers of geology faculty at Kim Il Sung University has intensified survey and research for newly designating the site of the Paektho-dong fossil reserve.

In the course of this, they unearthed the fossils of a new bird consisting of brainpan, toe bones, 11 first flight feathers and other small feathers which are preserved in clear state in the third layer of the Sinuiju Formation in the late Creataceous period (about 130 million years ago) distributed in the Paektho-dong area. The fossils are rare to be seen in the world.

They verified in a scientific way that the bird was suitable for flying in view of the forms and structural features of flight feathers.

At the same time they discovered the fossils of dinosaur’s teeth, mammals in the primitive age, fish, etc. and conducted the research into the fossils of vertebrate and invertebrate animals, and plants. As a result, they clarified in a scientific way that all the vertebrate animals in Korea in the Mesozoic era originated from the Paektho-dong area.

They reformed the Sinuiju biota group which represents the late Creataceous period in the Mesozoic era and newly fixed again the Paektho-dong fossil reserve of great academic significance in the study of ecological environment in the Mesozoic age.

The national sci-tech deliberation estimated that the current research result was a research finding of great academic significance in intensifying the study of the biota group of the Cretaceous period in the Mesozoic era in Korea.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un named the fossilized bird in the Mesozoic era unearthed in the area of Paektho-dong, city of Sinuiju, “The Paektho Bird”. He also ensured that the fossil should be put on display in the Natural History Museum under the Pleasure Ground Management Administration to be used for education and edification of youth and schoolchildren and scientific research.

The excavation and verification of bird fossil in the Mesozoic era which contains feathers in this area made it possible to confirm in a more scientific way that Korea was a cradle of human civilization and birds.

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