A Buzzword

A slogan “We serve the people!” can be seen everywhere in the DPRK.

The slogan is put up not only in workplaces but also written on the sides of buses running along the streets and offices of officials and on their notebooks.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, during his field guidance trips, implanted the slogan in the hearts of officials and other working people to regard it as their life motto.

During his inspection of the updated Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory, he said: To manufacture better and more wonderful trolley buses in larger numbers to be used by the citizens is the work to facelift the appearance of the capital city and provide the people with cultured living conditions and, at the same time, a very important undertaking to defend the policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea that takes it as its mission to serve the people and to sustain the original features of Korean-style people-centred socialism.

When he received a letter from the employees of the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory who were firmly determined to provide the people with larger amounts of quality cosmetics, he wrote a reply calling on them to serve the people.

True to the ennobling intention of Kim Jong Un who values the people most, officials go among the people to lend an ear to their opinions and promptly solve any problems they raise, devoting all their sincerity to them.

Hwang In Gon, manager of the Rangnang Tramcar Station, said: “We serve the people!” instills in us officials how to live and work as their servants. I will make efforts to give top priority to meeting their demands and ensuring their comfort in passenger transport.

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